Training Program

MS TCDC offers a range of  Training Programs for development practitioners within the area of governance, accountability , leadership, human rights and  gender related as well as soft skills such as Project Planning & Management and Monitoring and Evaluation . Besides this the Centre delivers Academic Programs such as our BA in Governance & Development , BA in Non Profit Studies and MSc in Governance & Leadership. Our Swahili language programs and the Tanzanian Orientation Course ,a trademark of MS TCDC.

Short Trainings

The Development Training Department offers Short Standard Courses in four areas; namely courses for strengthening internal governance and learning and courses enhancing development impact, democracy, good governance and policy change.



Swahili Language

Communicating in a foreign language is a challenge for people engaged in development work in East Africa. During the last 30 years, MS TCDC has developed extensive expertise in enabling expatriates to improve their language skills. As a result, our training has gained a very strong reputation in the East African Region.



Academic Programs 

MS TCDC have recognise  the need  for strengthening transformative leadership competencies in Africa through more academic oriented courses especially in governance portfolio.  We will continue to offer our Bachelor degree and Master degree course.