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The objective of the MS TCDC Resource Centre is to provide relevant development information.


Welcome to MS- TCDC Library. The library serves all type of users including short courses participant, Swahili students. DS student, staff members and other university student from outside, students are from Makumira University, CDTI,   and Mount Meru   University, by providing them with basic material and documentation services to meet library-users in research and the teaching-learning process. The library holds   different types of collection, the collections consists of electronic materials and printed materials published both locally and overseas.

The collection includes documents in English, Kiswahili,   Danish and other European languages which are shelved by using the Dewey Decimal  Classification system. Also available is "grey literature" such as documents from MS country offices, consultancy reports, reports from United Nation agencies, academic institutions, government organizations and non-governmental organizations.

On printed materials we have books, Journals, reports, maps, and popular magazines. There are books on management, development, governance, and Swahili books, gender,  human rights books, these collection are selected based on our subject themes. We have (ICTR) reports Internationals criminals tribulations for Rwanda, gender   reports and journals from Tanzania Gender Networking  Programme, (TGNP), also Tanzania Media Women Associations (TAMWA).  And Tanzania Women  Lawyers Associations (TAWLA). More over Magazines such as The economist, News Week, focus on Africa are available in library. Without forgetting the research report that are done here by DS student.

MS TCDC Library have free access to online resources, AJOL, DOAJ, African digital Library, Wiley and sons online journals, Taylor and Francis, JSTOR  to cater the need of users who want to browse different publications online.

Mission The mission of the MS TCDC   library is to provide quality materials and services which fulfill educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful.

Online access

African digital library…


Wiley online library.....





Directory of open access journals



African Journals Online (AJOL)

Taylor & Francis Online Journals
More than 1,300 titles in humanities, social sciences and applied sciences.

Library Collections

Ø  Books – Nonfiction and Fiction/Hard copy and online


Ø   Journals online

Ø  Newspapers


Ø  Research Reports

Ø  News paper

Library services

  • Photocopy services
  • Reference service
  • Sales of different materials
  • Lending services
  • Borrowing
  • Receiving of borrowed materials


The library is open to course participants, and to members of certain organizations on special request. Clients from outside are not allowed borrowing books. Reading space is available on the upper floor.  

Users of library

  • DTD Trainers - Core reading materials for preparing all the courses
  • Course Participants - a wide spectrum of material, depending on the course.
  • Swahili Teachers  - Mainly newspapers and current materials in Swahili
  • Staff from other sections
  • Student from other university

Library catalogue

The catalogue has been computerized using the Cardbox software.  Only the nonfiction books are catalogued.   

 Books are classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification system, which is a hierarchical in numbers.

 DVD, VCD, CD-ROM   are catalogued using a numerical system. The video catalogue which is on computer outlines the details of the each DVDs.

    Borrowing Guidelines

  • Books (except Reserve items) may normally be borrowed for two days
  • Books marked as “Reference” can only be read in the library
  • DVDs/ CD-ROM   may be borrowed for three days.
  • Periodicals/newspapers can only be read in the library

 Return of Library items: A drop-in box is available near the main door for users who are returning the materials. Participants are requested to return materials on the last day of the course.


(i)   Silence must be observed in the library

(ii)  Smoking is not permitted in the library

(iii) The use of matches or open light in any part of the library is prohibited

(iv) When in Library readers must behave in manner that will not cause either offence or damage.

(v)  When leaving the library a reader needs to show all his/her books as a precaution against the illegal removal of books. Borrowers are asked to give full cooperation in this matter.

(vi) No food may be brought into the Library including all type of drinks and fruits as they attract insects easily, because this will cause some damage to material available in library, such as books. CDS.

 (vii) Mobile phones may be kept in silence mode or switched off while in the Library.


Library Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

The opening hours are from 7.30hrs to 22.00hrs

Librarians are available between 7.30hrs to 16.30hrs, for consultation.  Assistance will also be provided after working hours.


Saturday: 09.00hrs – 22.00hrs

Sunday: 10.00hrs – 17.00hrs