Our image,our relationships and looking to our future

Our image, OUR RELATIONSHIPS and looking to our future

Over the past several months we have taken time to look back and reflect over the last fifty two years of our existence - starting from April 1967, when the original bilateral agreement was signed between the Government of Tanzania and the Danish Government. This agreement led to the creation of what is today, MS-TCDC. The story is itself long, rich and instructive. What started out as a modest attempt to support development efforts in a newly independent country in the global south, quickly translated into a bold expression of solidarity - and resulted in the formation of a partnership that has surfaced numerous benefits and much learning.

Starting with the transfer of language skills and basic cultural orientation for Danish Volunteers at the Tengeru Institute of Community Development, the effort evolved and grew and soon enough, the Danish Volunteer Training Centre was built at Usa River. This went on to become the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation, marking an expansion of the client mix to include development practitioners working with communities across the region. This growing client mix stimulated an increase in the course portfolio. MS-TCDC went on to provide short courses in several subject areas related to Civil Society needs, based on an initial understanding of the growing client base.

Our image, our relationships and LOOKING TO OUR FUTURE

Today, MS-TCDC continues to provide bespoke Kiswahili language training and cultural orientation to a wide constituency of learners. Both economic and market considerations have forced further reviews of the standard course portfolio over the years. In addition to the short courses, two academic programs are offered at TCDC - The Bachelors degree in Governance and Development; and the Masters Degree in Governance and Leadership. The Centre is also able to tailor-make a wide range of training programs as and when the situation demands.

Among changes that have been systematically introduced – which reflect a continuing trend at TCDC, include the shift to a greater focus on the African development imperative. We have embraced a Pan African image and are inspired by those aspirations. We want to contribute to ongoing efforts towards regional integration and ultimately, the pursuit of the Pan African dream of many revered African liberation heroes.  They wanted to see one Africa, whose standard distinguishing features would be liberty, respect, dignity and equality. An Africa in which every citizen can achieve their potential in a supportive, nurturing environment. In order to aim for this reality, we are now inviting you to help us think of and choose a name that describes who we should be in this new phase. The simple question is: what do you think would a fitting substitute the current identity – MS-TCDC from now henceforth?

OUR IMAGE, our relationships and looking to our future
We are looking for something imaginative and memorable…. something that exudes confidence and pride in who we are and at the same time recognizes where we have come from. Your unique suggestion could be just the name we seek.
We invite you to share your thoughts (with accompanying rationale) in a brief email response by click here between now and June 30, 2019. A renaming Task Force will review all suggestions received and guide the path to a decision.

We hope this is not too much to ask and look forward to your creative ideas.

In solidarity,
Ezra Mbogori
Executive Director

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