My Ideal Africa - Visionary Storytelling on Africans Liberation Day 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

May 25th each year is celebrated as African Liberation day, this year MS TCDC staff and neighboring community was fortunate enough to host 125 participants who attended the ‘My Ideal Africa - Visionary Storytelling’. The purpose of the event in partnership with our brothers and sisters over at Africans Rising! was to inspire and empower African people. To remember where we came from, where we are going and how we can get there through our visions of what we want to see in our beautiful continent. 

We were glad to have seen a great number of youths in attendance at MS TCDC. We believe that is the youth who will progress Africa even further. Young passionate males and females came to share their ideas and views on their ideal Africa. Additionally, we had the fulfillment of having final year students from Mariado School in Usa River. The young students were quick and sharp to speak on the matters that they feel need to be addressed on the continent. Guests of the event spoke on issues of youth empowerment, better governance, economical stability, technological advancement, job creation, unity, equality, women and children’s rights. By the end of the event, what was clearest is that youths are watching, they want to progress and create a rich African continent (rich in jobs, fulfilment, security and etc).

The conversations discussed on the floor sparked and touched so many from the floor. It was wonderful to have such a small community come together. We want to thank you and encourage our guests who attended to keep pushing towards a greater Africa. We would also like to thank Africans Rising for their work in making this year’s African Liberation Day a memorable one across all African borders. We thank our staff for their efforts and support in this event as well. We believe we are making great efforts towards becoming Africa’s leading knowledge hub and hope to have more guests attending our facility grounds for more inspiring conversation that will help to instill the AfricaWeWant.

We had fabulous guests and speakers, here are a few comments from the floor and pictures:

‘We need to rise Africa...most African countries are still poor and to rise it we need changes in terms of economical, social and political sectors’ - By Amon from ‪@mariado_schools 

‘Africa we need to unite, show love to each other. Political leaders/African Leaders should be transparent and accountable especially in the concept corruption’ - By Enock from ‪@mariado_schools 

‪#MyIdealAfrica is youth inclusive...through unity combining changes and also through team work we are going to succeed and have development’ By Zion 

‘Technology advancement and efficiency is ‪#MyIdealAfrica’ - A simple and clear vision from Vincent Otieno

‘What does Africa mean? If we do not know what Africa means there is no need to celebrate the liberation day. We need to have a restoration first’ By Nassor

'We need to realize our strength and also using our strength positively to make changes within ourselves. This is actually the matter of mindset. Africa is really strong. By Josh


Vijana ndio tunaonunuliwa, vijana ndio nguvu ya Afrika. Afrika tunayoitaka sasa ni ile inayojengwa na vijana. Viongozi wa zamani walikuwa  ni viongozi wale wa walioikomboa nchi zetu, walikuwa ni vijana ambao walijenga Afrika bado wakiwa ni vijana hawakukubali kula rushwa  kwa namna yoyote ile. By Eva

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