Friday, August 25, 2017
We argue all the applicant of Bachelor of art in Governance and Development to finish the application process both online and offline and submit their applications before the end of this month. This will allow us to process their applications further and make admission decision before October.

Time frame

The BA Governance and Development Level 7 curriculum consists of twenty-three (23) units that are spread over 4 semesters in two academic years plus field practical training and research. The Ordinary Bachelor's degree takes a total of 2 academic years to complete.

Level 8 curriculum consists of eleven (11) modules that are spread over two semesters in one academic year.  It is assumed that anyone enrolling at Level 8 must have written a research dissertation and assessed in field practical/ attachment. In total, it takes one year to qualify for the Bachelors with honors.


 Tuition fee per semester is US $ 560  and US$ 3333 for the full three years BA program. The BA GD comprises 6 semesters.

Semester 1:  30th October to 8th December 2017
Semester 2: 27th February to 7th April 2018
Semester 3: 17th July to 25th August 2018
Semester 4: 16th January to 3rd February 2019
Semester 5: 7th August to 15th September 2019
Semester 6: 6th February to 10th  March 2020

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