Early Bird Discount: Save 10% on your Short course Application

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
This campaign aims at providing a 10% discount

This year MS TCDC is introducing the EARLY BIRD CAMPAIGN. This campaign aims at providing a 10% discount for all those who apply and pay for any of the courses mentioned below a month prior to the course start date. These are some of our popular courses and some are new, with the view of getting more public attention and make our applicants not to miss out some benefit from joining these courses.

Courses in Offer:


This is a LIMITED offer for we have seen the importance and necessity of the above mentioned courses to having a great impact and professional potentiality to anyone who participates.

The discount will cover course fee and accommodation and one can save up to 75$ and more if they pay for full board (Accommodation + Meals).

To sign up for the course click on the course name above or go to Trainings-> short courses->choose the course-> signup

For questions and quarries write to us munisie@mstcdc.or.tz