Celebrating International Women’s Day: Visit to Canaan Children’s Centre

Thursday, March 9, 2017
On 8thMarch 2017, women from TCDC had the pleasure of joining other RAAWU women from different organizations in Arusha to celebrate International women’s day by visiting the Canaan Children Centre in Kisongo Arusha.

RAAWU which is a Staff Union under Women Section had plan to visit Canaan Children Centre in Kisongo Arusha which has over 35 kids most of them being HIV positive. One of their request for the RAAWU Regional women was assistance with their ongoing chicken project and the RAAWU women were more than eager to help, 100 chicken who were ready to lay plus food were donated. Food and drinks for this amazing kids was not forgotten.

Later on there was an auction were chicken that had stop laying eggs and the eggs collected were sold and most of these were also given to the kids.

 After there was a little meet and greet with the founder, workers of the Centre and the kids and the beautiful memorable day ended with music where the kids and the women shared the dance floor.

The farewells were heartwarming as hugs were shared and many smiling faces waving goodbye.

We wish all the kids at Canaan Children Centre all the best in life and hope that this won’t be the end but just the beginning. And they will be seeing more of the women of RAAWU and TCDC women.

TCDC RAAWU TCDC Branch is planning to have other internal activities at the end of the month in marking the end of the Women’s month. These activities will involve games, Discussions and visits.