2019 Africa Day Celebration at MS TCDC

Monday, May 27, 2019
The Training Centre for Development Cooperation and Africans Rising held a joint event on Saturday May 25 at the TCDC campus to commemorate African Liberation Day under the theme ‚Äúrevisiting African youth unemployment, Migration and Modern slavery‚ÄĚ.

The event, which also marked the 2nd anniversary of Africans Rising, brought together over 170 participants including university students, representatives of youth organisations, activists and youth from Arusha area.

“The Africa day mobilisation this year is mainly focused on the issue of human trafficking and slavery affecting over nine million Africans,” said Ezra Mbogori, TCDC Executive Director ahead of the event.  “We wholeheartedly echo the assertion that Africa is  not for sale. At the same time, we will take the time as we learn about the realities of human trafficking, to review how to turn the reality of our burgeoning youth bulge into an African opportunity,” He added.

Since 1963 Africa day has been celebrated by Africans from all over the continent and beyond to commemorate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, presently recognized as the African Union (AU). The annual celebration has been a platform to help raise awareness among African communities on challenges for political, economic and social liberation. The Pan-African movement Africans Rising was launched on the day in 2017; working for justice, peace, dignity and genuine liberation of Africa.

TCDC hosted the Africans Rising launch and has since been a firm supporter and advocate for the movement and its goals.

“We are extremely proud of our association and collaboration with Africans Rising. We continually recognise that through this linkage we are constantly learning how intimately and realistically we remain a part of Africa and her numerous struggles,” said Mbogori.

The event on Saturday included inspirational speeches on the theme, a contest and a panel discussion on the topic of skills development and youth employment.

Prior to the event, Africans Rising highlighted the importance of unity among Africans and the need to rise against slavery and human trafficking.

 “Africa Day is the time when we all come together in the spirit of solidarity to celebrate, uplift and empower our motherland, Africa,” said the movement. “This year we are rising against slavery and human trafficking for we believe that till all Africans are free, none of us is”.

Over 130 events and activities are happening today across the globe by Africans Rising members and partners, agitating and engaging communities into taking actions for the betterment of the continent.

”Africa ni yetu kuijenga ni jukumu letu”