Swahili Advanced Course

This course is offered on tailor made basis any time of the year. It is a two-week program with a total of 60 hours of teaching including excursions and Swahili language immersion sessions. It focuses more on application of technical Swahili, various Swahili registers and enhances learners to participate in meetings and debates.

Course Code

Course duration
2 weeks

When is the course

Any Time of the Year (Tailor Made)

Course Objectives

To enhance participants communicate with ease and confidence in a large number of situations informal and formal, on a variety of concrete topics relating to work and leisure activities, as well as to current public events.

Course Content
Communication, health services, Social services, environment, global warming, politics in Tanzania, corruption in Tanzania, science and technology, East African cooperation, globalisation.
Interactive methods:-
• Communicative approach (Competence based approach)
• Immersion approach
• Task based approach
• Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling or (TPRS) approach
• Grammar approach & audio lingual approach
• Propriocepitve approach

Target Group
Development workers, missionaries, doctors, expatriates, researchers, tourists, students and anyone who requires learning swahili language at advanced level.

Fee for the course
Tuition Fee $700
Full board in a single room(meals & Accomodation) $1038 (2 weeks)
Full board in a shared room(meals & Accomodation) $752 (2 weeks)
Hostel Quard plus Meal per week $192 (2 weeks)
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