Internship Policy Abstact



The MS TCDC continues to grow and its activities are now appreciated in the region and positioning itself as a respected training Centre. This has attracted a number of young academics (students and graduates) to visit the Centre and apply for the internship positions in different departments. With the number of applications growing every year, the Centre considered it important to develop certain guidelines that would guide relationships between interns and the Centre. Although not all those who visit the Centre are regarded as interns, this policy is designed to regulate the relationship between the Centre and persons wishing to work with the Centre on internship.


Internship Policy Statement

Internships are educational programs that allow interns to gain practical work experience and develop skills in the areas of their career interests under the guidance of experts or those working in the field. Internships are appropriate for graduate students or persons who have had prior experience working in fields that relate directly to their career or the Centre’s interests.

Internships must be of benefit to both the intern and the Centre. The intern benefits from the opportunity to learn about the system, conduct research through guidance from a staff member allocated by the HR Department, while the Centre benefits from the outcome of the intern’s research and contribution to other activities.

The Centre welcomes interns from all over the world and East African region particularly with a view for diverse inputs in its work, but accords preference to Tanzanian interns from Arusha.


Aim of the internship program

The aim of the internship program is to contribute to the training of young academics (students and graduates) that would help promote good governance, transparency and accountability in the region particularly in Tanzania, as well as develop their first professional experience.


Qualifications for the interns

Applicants must have an educational or professional background suitable to the work of the Centre. No particular study or degree is required, but applicants must be a student or a graduate having at least a Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or PhD from a recognized institution. Knowledge of information technology is an advantage. 

Interns are supposed to have their own working tools i.e laptop, uniforms for the case of the Kitchen, etc. Even though we will try to provide with all intern professional needs. 

Interns must have a clean criminal record and be fluent in English. Fluency in Swahili is an asset.


Recruitment procedure for the interns

Interns should apply to the MS TCDC Principal via mail at by submitting the following documents:

Students from recognized institution:

  • A letter from his/her institution of study indicating the field of interest of the applicant.
  • Curriculum vitae with his/her permanent address and names and contact details of three referees.
  • A proof of clean criminal record.

Graduates or individual persons:

  • A motivation letter stating the grounds for the application, and indicating the field of interest of the applicant.
  • Curriculum Vitae with his/her permanent address and names and contact details of three referees.
  • Copies of institution Certificates, Diploma, Degree or Masters obtained.
  • A proof of clean criminal record.

In consultation with the HR Department, the Leadership Team will approve the appointment of internship position, the length of the internship and the specific duties. Applicants will be informed by HR Department the outcome of their applications one (1) month after receipt of their applications.

The following would also apply in the selection of interns:

  • Priority will be given to applicants whose qualifications (area of interest) will be most useful to the Centre at the time they apply.
  • Priority will be given to citizens of Arusha particularly in Usa River ward.
  • The resources availability at the Centre to accommodate the interns. This includes intern allowances, working tools (i.e desk, computers, etc), and office space and staff members to provide supervision.
  • The need for the intern at that material moment. This would be determined by the workload of the Centre, the issues the intern proposes to work on and the priority of the Centre at the time.

There is no deadline for applying, but the Centre encourages prospective interns to apply at least three (3) months before their scheduled date to begin the internship.


Nature of on work training

Interns may assist, according to their background and interests, in any aspect of the work of the Centre, i.e. in its training projects, consultancies, hotel services, conferences, documentation and publication as well as in technical and administrative tasks. The content and/or nature of the work to be done during the internship will be mutually agreed upon in advance.

Interns are expected to work regular office hours, being 07:30 am – 04:30 p.m. or according to the hours in which allocated by the Supervisor/Line Manager.


Upon the successful completion of the internship, a certificate will be issued to the intern by the Director of Finance and Administration of the Centre.