MS TCDC is a Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Eastern and Southern Africa. We are situated close to Arusha in Northern Tanzania (East Africa). Throughout the year different courses and workshops run concurrently in a lively international atmosphere promoting sharing of experience and cross cultural discussions. Excellent facilities together with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere makes it an ideal place for reflection and learning 


Academic programs

Our academic programs that aim at strengthening good leadership, governance in the areas of development in African countries.
Currently offering accredited Bachelor by NACTE, Bachelor of Art in Governance and Development, Cross boarder Masters of Science in Governance and Leadership offered in partnership with Jomo Kenyatta University from Kenya.

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Short Training courses

Focus on building the capacity for present and future leaders.Our short courses offeringswill continue to align on Leadership, Governance, Accountability and community development related trainings, and soft skill trainings as M&E or PPM. Most of this trainings usually lasting one week each

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Swahili Language courses

During the last 40 years, MS TCDC has developed extensive expertise in enabling expatriates to improve their language skills. As a result, our training has gained a very strong reputation in the East African Region, different trainings offered from the Intercultural Language Section, which starts from the three weeks Swahili Beginners and Swahili Intermediate, and the two weeks Intensive Swahili Beginners, Intensive Swahili Intermediate and Swahili Advance.

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Conference and Accommodations

Located in Arusha, the north of Tanzania, MS-TCDC's conference facilities are ideal for Corporate meeting, Business meeting, Event Planning and Organizing, Workshop and Training.
The splendor and nature beauty of MS-TCDC provides an international atmosphere while your conferring here

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Swahili Beginners testimonial
This feature for the Swahili Flagship program at MS TCDC, showcases the Language Flagship experience through highlighting program features such as language partners, host families, Swahili classes, campus life, and excursions
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MS TCDC reaches out people from different countries and background through different trainings offered on various training methodology to ensure the training delivered is Relevant, Empowering and Inovative.
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Get to know MS TCDC offerings from the programme participants
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A Civil Society actively initiating, leading, sustaining and succeeding in popular struggles for a more just, democratic and sustainable world.
Mission Statement:

MS TCDC’s mission is to build the capacity of leaders of present and tomorrow’s political struggles through:

• Training in democratic governance and leadership to enhance knowledge, skills and motivation/confidence for civic and political action, solidarity building and networking

• Providing a creative, open and safe space for networking, reflection, knowledge   sharing, and organizing individual and collective action for a more just democratic and sustainable world

• Innovative resource mobilization approaches for sustaining capacity building for leaders of popular struggles.