Fundamentals of Contemporary Resource Mobilisation, Fundraising and Grants Management

This course introduces participants, to institutionalized resource mobilisation approaches. The course offers a complete overview of holistic resource mobilisation as an integral part of institutional development, transformation and communication function in contemporary public, private and NGO sector organisations. Away from traditional fundraising practice, the course is newly reorganized to match current and emerging trends and practices in fundraising methods, know-how, as driven by shifts in technology, donor priorities, the creative alternative “financing for development” options and riding on and advancing the culture and role of modern philanthropy through traditional and new technology platforms.

Course Code

Course duration
1 Week

When is the Course

6th – 10th May 2019          

2nd - 6th September 2019          

28th October to 1st November 2019

Course Objectives

The course will introduce participants to current and emerging and practices in institutionalised resource mobilisation, fundraising and grants management with a focus on how individuals and organisations can ride on the strength of philanthropy to grow and sustain institutional resource flows.

Course Content

Apart from the theoretical grounding aimed at enabling participants to appreciate the contemporary donor environment, develop fundraising strategy, write and design competitive funding proposals and effectively manage donor relations and grant contracts, this newly reorganized course offers participants a practical overview of:

  • The increasing role of contemporary global philanthropy as an area of growing practice and its importance in today’s borderless global village and the role of Internet fundraising;
  • The diverse characteristics of public, private and nonprofit organizations and their differing fundraising needs and systems (inside the motivations for giving)
  • Basic principles and practices of commercial marketing as applicable to fundraising for different missions, in various types of public sector and nonprofit organizations;
  • The value addition of inter-agency cooperation (public, for profit and non-profit sector collaboration) in resource mobilisation (for particularly emotive situations or in times of humanitarian situations and emergencies);
  • Types of funding sources, prospect and evidence research, and ethical concerns;
  • Planning and running resource mobilisation campaigns, annual giving outreach and recognition techniques and strategic communications;
  • Grant proposal writing, resource solicitation and networking techniques; 

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively apply the contemporary resource mobilisation tools, skills and approaches;
  • Diversify their sources of funding and hence improve financial sustainability of their organisations;

Initiate and effectively maintain smooth relationships with individual, corporate and institutional grant makers

Target Group
Heads of institutions, heads of fundraising functions, program managers, professional staff and volunteers in public and NGO and the non-profit sectors with resource mobilization, corporate social responsibility roles or anyone with an interest in making a career change to public and non-profit sectors.

Fee for the Course
Tuition Fee $350
Full board in a single room(meals & Accomodation) $471 per week
Full board in a shared room(meals & Accomodation) US$339 per week
Hostel Quard plus Meal per week US$ 118 per week
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