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Kindergarten At MS TCDC

IBES Day Care & Nursery is running a kindergarten and Pre-Primary School at MS TCDC, which also cater for MS TCDC participant children.
We offer day care, with the option to have a tailored Swahili childrens programs (at an additional cost) for MS TCDC participant children. We also run a permanent program where we educate and take care of children between 6 months and 6 years at the premises. This will allow your children to meet and interact with other children for happy lerning sessions, sports and games.

Our well equipped facility have a wide collection of educational toys and games. At IBES we make sure that your children will have all the changes to learn, play and have a great day with lots of activities.

Price for IBES day care services. 
Children 0-2 years old: US$70/week to attend kindergarten.  Children 3-16: $140/week to attend kindergarden

Childrens Swahili program
For expatriate children, the swahili program aims specifically to: 

  • Introduce children to different elements of African culture
  • Enable children to communicate with local people
  • Create a friendly and open atmosphere with African children

For children aged 3 to 6 years the activities may include: Free play and games, African traditional dances, Makonde wood carving, play dough, Swahili languages through songs and games/plays; excursions to other kindergartens, zoos, markets, African families etc. For children aged 7-16 years: We offer more school-like activities including teaching Swahili, introduction of African cultural elements such as: roles of boys and girls in Africa, African handicrafts, African cooking, cultural grammar and dress codes, traditional dances, excursions; e.g. to local and internaional schools, markets etc. The swahili programs has an additional fee on top of the day care fee of $50 per week giving a total weekly price of $190.

Our childcare professionals are the cornerstones of our Day Care & Nursery School.
We care passionately about what we do, and our team share a common set of principles which we use as a guide to support one another in the important work that we do each day.
Our staff followed a special American training in our own organisation about the 8 different ways children learn.
They learned the principles of child development and healthcare and safety in child care organisations. Together with this course they followed our own training about discipline and behaviour for young children. We can ensure you that your child will be guided and taken care of in according pedagogical methods.

To protect your child and other children make sure that your child is vaccinated. Don’t bring your child when he/she suffers from infections or other contagious diseases or when your child has fever. [38.5 Celsius]

If you want us to give your child medication please sign the special form for agreement in this.

You can bring your children between 7.30 and 8.00 am in the morning.
At 8.30 we begin with our activities.

Parents and guardians will be expected to collect their child between 4.00pm till 5.00 pm
We don’t give your child to someone we don’t know for security reasons. Please let us know when you change anything in this situation. 

Please don’t come too late! It is confusing for your child, it might think you forgot him/her.
It is also dangerous for our staff if they have to travel home to later during dark hours.
If you are late [after 5.00 pm] we have to give a penalty of Tshs 5,000.00 per half hour. 

Your child will experience a variety of activities. According their age and development.
We use educative learning material. Books and Audio DVD to stimulate talking, reading and writing.
Art is important for your children personal development and given every week.
Music activities are not only fun but children learn by repeating song and rhymes. Rhymes and dance and stage performance.
Physical activities are very important for the physical development for children. It will bust their self esteem knowing they can jump, run, climb and bike.
Therefore we have a big outdoor playfield. 


Every week we have a new subject concerning good and polite behaviour.


Good discipline is a responsibility and a culture which we all help to create within the Day Care & Nursery School. Our children’s behaviour is a reflection on our selves.
We must set high standards, yet be fair and be consistent. Children like to have a clear set of rules and guidelines. Our overall approach looks for respect towards others. IBES values underpin these principles.

Good discipline is around us all the time and something we can only achieve together.

All is supplied by IBES; Exercise books, colouring material, pencils, paint, clay and pedagogical toys.


IBES provides mid-morning food
MS TCDC Participants and their children are expected to eat together during the lunch break.
Baby milk can be brought and stored in the fridge. We can warm it in a microwave.

As long as your child is in need of them we expect you to bring it yourself. We need an extra pair of clothes in case of little accidents.

For young children it is necessary to have a resting time during the long day. We have special beds for the very young children.
During sleeping hours we watch the children not to wake up each other.



In case of emergencies. On public holidays falling Monday - Friday we do provide Kindergarten for MS TCDC participants, and booked childrens Swahili program.


In case of emergencies we will take your child to the hospital and in the meanwhile call the parent or caregiver so he/she can take over the child in the hospital to stay with him/her. Ibes is not responsible for paying  hospital visits or/and treatments.

Office number general: 0767690431

 Manager Daycare:   Violet Eboso                                             [ IN CASE OF ABSENCE OF YOUR CHILD]

 nr:  0762411655

Director :  Marion Hasselaar                                                    [FOR OTHER  ISSUES WE NEED TO SHARE]

 nr:  0767690431

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