Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Development


The changing nature and dynamism in development means that development workers must update their skills to meet these challenges. MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation having been at the forefront in the provision of cutting edge professional development and being a centre of excellence in development training has taken the challenge to provide higher education training in Governance and Development. 

The degree is a natural progression for practitioners and students with various Diplomas who would wish to take specialized degree in governance and development.  Studies have proven that governance and accountability are vital ingredients to people centred development.

The course at level 8 (available to those with ordinary bachelors degree such as TCDC/Kimmage BA Development Studies) serves as bridging course to the award of a full honors degree.  The honors once acquired allow students to access enrollment into a Masters programme of their choice.

Course Objectives

BA students in Governance and Development studies will be acquainted with practical skills thus be able to:

  1. Develop an understanding on governance and development issues at national and international level.
  2. Apply principles of governance, democracy and development, leadership, and power and voice in governance to execute governance and development policies.
  3. Conduct political and development analysis required for sound decision-making for various national and international organizations.
  4. Engage in advocating for human rights, women empowerment, decentralization approaches and state-society relations to administer social justice and rule of law in development functions.

Program Content

The core modules included in the program are as follows:

Communication skills

Basic principles in governance

State - Society relations in development

Comparative decentralization frameworks

Gender perspectives in development

Principles of democracy and development.

Global governance and politics

Elements of development finance

Principles of social entrepreneurship

Power and voice in governance discourses

Sociology of development

Human rights principles and practice

Organizational behavior

Discourses in aid and development in Africa

Transformational leadership in governance

NGOs and development

Political economy of governance and development

Methods in social science research

Regional integration and citizens participation

Public policy and development

Politics of development in emerging democracies

Field Practical Training and Report Writing

Target Group

This program is intended for High school graduates who have qualified for university entry and want to build a specialized career in Governance and Development.  Also it is intended for those with ordinary degrees that would like to get a honors qualification.  Staff of private, public and civil society organizations intent on developing in their careers in this lucrative sector as well as those who want to take their career to the next level are a core target.

Entry Requirements

 1. Completed A Level before 2014 – Two principal passes with a total of 4.0 points from  Two  Subjects  defining  the  admission  into  the  respective programme  (where  A  =  5;  B  =  4;  C=  3;  D  =   2;  E  =  1).

2. Completed   A  - Level   studies   in   2014   and   2015 Two  principal  passes  (Two  Cs)  with  a  total  of  4.0  points  from  Two  Subjects  defining  the  admission  into the respective programme  (where  A  =  5;  B+  =  4;   B  =  3;  C=  2;  D  =  1).

3. Completed   A   –Level   studies   from   2016   onwards   Two principal passes with a total of 4.0 points from  Two  Subjects  defining  the  admission  into  the  respective programme  (where  A  =  5;  B  =  4;  C=  3;  D  =   2;  E  =  1).

 4. Recognition   of   Prior   Learning  qualification B+  Grade:   where   A   =75O100,   B+   =   65  -74,   B=50  -64,   C   =40  -49,  D  =  35  -39,  F  =  0  -38.

5. Equivalent   qualification:
At   least   four   O’  -Level   passes   (Ds   and   above)   or   NVA   Level   III   with   less   than   four   
O-Level   passes   or   equivalent   foreign   qualifications   as   established   by   either  NECTA  or  VETA;  AND

i)  At  least  a  GPA  of  3.0  for  Ordinary  Diploma  (NTA  Level   6);  OR
ii)   Average   of   C   for   Full   Technician   Certificate   (FTC)   (where A=5,  B=4,  C=3,  and  D=2  points);
iii)   Average   of   ‘B’   Grade   for   Diploma   in   Teacher   Education;  OR
iv)  Average  of  ‘B’  Grade  for  Health-related  awards  such   as  Clinical  Medicine  and  others;  OR
v)   A   Distinction   for   unclassified   diplomas   and   certificates.
vi)  Upper   Second   Class   for   classified   non-NTA   diplomas.

Time frame

The BA Governance and Development Level 7 curriculum consists of twenty three (23) units that are spread over 4 semesters in two academic years plus field practical training and research. The Ordinary Bachelors degree takes a total of 2 academic years to complete.

Level 8 curriculum consists of eleven (11) modules that are spread over two semesters in one academic year.  It is assumed that anyone enrolling at Level 8 must have written a research dissertation and assessed in field practical/ attachment. In total, it takes one years to qualify for the Bachelors with honors.

Costs: Tuition fee per semester is Tsh 940,000. The BA GD comprises 6 semesters.

Semister 1/2019: 28th October 2019
Semister 2/2018: 25th February 2019
Semister 3/2018: 15th July 2019
Semister 4/2017: 14th January 2019
Semister 5/2017: 26th August 2019
Semister 6/2016: 4th February 2019

Application: To apply click the link below